Call center

Call center outsourcing service

We are able to set up-scale up, multisize-multichannel contact center

We offer for traditional call center (chat, email, social media, outbound service) or sourcing the team player for contact center.

1. Service agent

2. 5 working days/8 hours per day

3. Weekly/mothly report

4. Ofiice space, equipment and infrastructure

5. Multi-channel contact center system (Call, Email, Chat, Social)

6. Automate daily report

7. Flexible working hour

8. Cloud CRM service

9. Support operation (QA, team supervisor, manager, project manager)

10. CX report and consultant

Basic comparison for calculating Inhouse-Outsource

One of key factor to do outsourcing is managing your cost. Our offering price also including all related cost due to contact center management. This is very cost effectively management model while your service also keep achive over standard.

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