New Member Services

November 18, 2022
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End-to-end member management solutions drive the member ecosystem with multi-channel support of prospects’ inquiries, enrollment and transition, member care and support and retention. Our member-centric advisors take on your inbound and outbound sales to convert interest into business. Omni-channel capabilities serve members through the channel(s) they wish to be served on including proactive outreach to improve their experience.

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Digiservecorp analytics-based assurance and knowledge-driven controllership functions provide single-point visibility into costs, resources, utilization, billing, and revenues.
Includes back office account setup, processing, adjudication and presentment; document management, data entry, workflow enablement, mailroom, and printing.
Entrust your claims process to us. Pre-adjudication: including processing, documentation management and data entry/correction.
Data privacy and adherence to HIPAA, HITECH and other legislation is a priority for the healthcare industry.
Sell to new prospects, reactivate lapsed policies and cross sell to policyholders across lines of business.
Gain a competitive advantage by focusing on policyholder experience and satisfaction using our service and plan management services.