Underwriting & Policy Support

November 18, 2022
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Gain a competitive advantage by focusing on policyholder experience and satisfaction using our service and plan management services. We provide support for all policy administration, risk and compliance, product and service inquiries, premium and billing management and policy transfer/ surrender. We provide multi-channel communications support including front office channels and back office transactions.

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End-to-end member management solutions drive the member ecosystem with multi-channel support of prospects’ inquiries, enrollment and transition, member care and support and retention.
Digiservecorp analytics-based assurance and knowledge-driven controllership functions provide single-point visibility into costs, resources, utilization, billing, and revenues.
Includes back office account setup, processing, adjudication and presentment; document management, data entry, workflow enablement, mailroom, and printing.
Entrust your claims process to us. Pre-adjudication: including processing, documentation management and data entry/correction.
Data privacy and adherence to HIPAA, HITECH and other legislation is a priority for the healthcare industry.
Sell to new prospects, reactivate lapsed policies and cross sell to policyholders across lines of business.